Custom-Made Forged Wheels

Initially focused on providing lightweight and strong forged wheels solely for electric vehicles, we've seen a growing demand for our products in other car markets. Despite increasing our stock, we still can't meet all requests. Customers have begun inquiring about custom orders, which have gradually become a significant part of our business. We've decided to develop this area further, as each new order often involves something unique, and we take pride in delivering wheels that are tailor-made for each client.

How It Works

Clients can choose from one of the designs presented below on this page or provide their own design. Modifications to any design are possible, provided they do not affect structural integrity. No matter what kind of car you own, we’ll be able to craft a set of custom-forged wheels for it!

The design process is swift and precise, usually taking just about 10 days to perfect your custom specifications. After this, we'll provide you with detailed renders and the exact weight of your custom wheels. Once your design is approved, we move straight into production.

Production Process

We exclusively use forged billets of alloy 6061-T6, renowned globally for its outstanding balance of weight and strength characteristics. After the CNC machine precisely cuts your wheels, they are checked for balance. For the final finishing, we use the powder coating process. For customers who want something special, we offer brushing and clear coating.

Once the order is complete, we take pictures and send them to the client. This way, you can see the final product just before it heads your way. We pack the rims using premium quality packaging to ensure a safe trip to the client’s door. Don’t worry about shipping costs, as shipping is free worldwide.

The full journey from design approval to delivery generally spans about 8-10 weeks. However, if time is of the essence, we offer a faster, 6-week delivery option for an extra $400, which includes air freight.

Every custom order requires full payment upfront to ensure that we can start the production process immediately after your design is approved. This policy helps streamline our operations and ensures your custom lightweight and strong wheels are crafted and delivered to you without any delays. Our prices start as low as $1980 for a set of fully forged wheels, door-to-door price.

Wheel Details and Support


  • Construction: Fully Forged Monoblock, tailored specifically to your vehicle.
  • Custom Features: Bolt Pattern (PCD) and Center Bore customized as per your requirements.
  • Load Rating: Guaranteed minimum of 750 kg (1,650 lbs) per wheel.
  • Shipping and Support: Free shipping worldwide.
  • At Atomic Wheels, we are committed to continuous innovation and excellence, enhancing the driving experience for our customers and leading the industry towards better and more affordable solutions for EV accessories.

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